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A Healthy Menopause Diet

Health Food Basket


Quick check list for a healthy menopause diet:noFastFood

  • Choose fresh food, not processed, as often as possible. Prepare simple meals from scratch, rather than buying a ready-made whatever.
  • Make real efforts to consume your five portions (that’s a minimum, by the way) of fresh fruit and vegetables every single day. Err towards vegetables rather than fruit, to keep your sugar intake within reason, and balance hormones with phytoestrogens. Sneak them in by making smoothies and soups.
  • Add some fresh fruit or vegetables to every meal and snack you prepare from now on – make it a habit as part of your new healthy eating initiative.
  • Try sliced apple on cereal, carrot sticks and a dip for a snack, salad in your lunchtime sandwich, a handful of dried apricots with a teatime biscuit, two or three veggies (not just one measly portion) with your evening meal, a banana before bedtime…
  • Go for wholegrains in bread, pasta, healthy breakfast cereals and rice. Turn your back on white, refined foods – they’re stripped of nutrients and fibre, and often partnered with fat and sugar in junk foods – think cake, biscuits, burger buns for example.
  • And speaking of junk food facts, take fast foods out of your menopausediet except for the occasional treat. In fact, if you change your way of eating, you’ll probably find that junk food loses a lot of its allure, and you won’t even want to eat it.
  • Avoid slimming diets – they create more problems than they cure, unless you can stick to them for a lifetime.
    Better by far to adopt a healthier, sustainable eating pattern and reduce calories by eliminating junk foods.
  • Eating healthy and exercise is the magical combination that will really show results around your waistline. Get active, and you’ll benefit your health in all sorts of ways.
  • Be careful about portion control. Go for smaller helpings of protein and fats, balanced by larger servings of vegetables, grains, wholefoods and fruit.
  • Cut the junk, focus on the fresh. 


Wise up on what is a healthy diet and make gradual changes to the way you eat. After all it’s essential to take extra good care of your health so that you can stay fit, healthy, active and independent into the years to come.Happy Remifemin Carrot

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