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Worried, Bothered and Upset about Menopause?

Many women sail through menopause with scarcely a backward glance; however for some it is long drawn-out saga of temperature control issues, broken sleep, tension, feelings of crawly skin and mood swings. There are thankfully various options that can assist women to manage their menopausal transition. Amongst the many options available one natural, hormone-free product...

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Menopause – Muddle through, or manage it well?

For some women the menopause experience is problem-free, but eight in ten have various symptoms, some severe. Hot flushes, sweating, mood swings, poor sleeping patterns – for women who experience these and other unpleasant, even debilitating symptoms of the onset of menopause, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been considered effective. However many doctors now accept that HRT is not a safe option for...

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