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Worried, Bothered and Upset about Menopause?

Hot lady with ice

Many women sail through menopause with scarcely a backward glance; however for some it is long drawn-out saga of temperature control issues, broken sleep, tension, feelings of crawly skin and mood swings. There are thankfully various options that can assist women to manage their menopausal transition. Amongst the many options available one natural, hormone-free product has been scientifically shown to help.


One of the most prominent natural formulations sold in New Zealand is Remifemin®; a unique natural and hormone-free product that has been used in Germany since 1956. Published clinical research and consumer experience since 1956 has established Remifemin® as beneficial for women who want a natural way to manage their menopause issues.


Internationally, Remifemin® is regarded as one of the world’s leading natural menopause products. It has been available in Australasia since 1989 and enjoys a high market profile in both New Zealand and Australia, where the product is available in over 90 per cent of pharmacies and a majority of health shops.


Remifemin® is manufactured by Schaper and Brummer (S&B) from Salzgitter, Germany. S&B is a high-profile company that produces plant-based pharmaceuticals. Remifemin® is the brand name of the active ingredient extracted from a North American flowering shrub Cimicifuga racemosa via a unique isopropanolic extraction process. The active ingredient, a proprietary product, is standardised to international good manufacturing, pharmaceutical standards. Research on 304 women published

in a peer reviewed journal in May 2005 showed Remifemin® to be supportive and beneficial in managing the uncomfortable issues related to menopause. It also demonstrated that Remifemin® helped the study’s subjects maintain normal temperature control during menopause as well as assisting with their overall comfort and mood balance. The study also demonstrated that Remifemin® has a precise and established safety profile.


Another significant study published in January 2007 demonstrated that the women using Remifemin® did not experience any changes to breast tissue density nor was there any evidence of breast cell proliferation over the duration of the trial. The authors concluded that 6 months of treatment with Remifemin® does not cause adverse effects on human breast tissue.


The general conclusion from this study is that Remifemin® can be considered by women with breast cancer concerns.

Overall this study showed that Remifemin® has an acceptable safety profile that should provide women with a considerable measure of confidence.


Remifemin® is frequently the preferred natural choice for women who want natural support during perimenopause and menopause.


Remifemin® does not contain oestrogen, soy or red clover. Remifemin® is thought to work centrally and to support mood balance and temperature control during the perimenopause and the menopause.

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