Butterfly on Black Cohosh

What is Remifemin?

Remifemin is made from a high potency, standardised extract of Black Cohosh. It has been clinicaly studied for over 60 years and has been proven to provide effective natural relief of menopause ...

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About Menopause

Menopause is the end stage of a natural transition in a woman’s reproductive life. It’s at this point that your body’s oestrogen and progesterone production decrease dramatically. The ovaries ...

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Where to buy Remifemin

Remifemin is available at most local pharmacies and health food stores. The map below will help you to locate a store near you. Alternatively the product is available from the following online retailers ...

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A box of Remifemin natural menopause support for women

Natural Relief of:

Hot Flushes
Night Sweats
Mild Anxiety
Reduced Libido

Remifemin Plus St. John's Wort

Stronger Relief:

A stronger version of the original Remifemin herbal medicine, with added St. John's Wort, for relief of climacteric symptoms during menopause.

Sleep by Remifemin

Remifemin Sleep Box

Assists with:



Healthy Sleep
Onset of Sleep

"I absolutely cannot say enough about this product. It has helped me with night sweats, hot flushes and I am finally able to get a proper nights sleep again!"

Lisa McFarlen Auckland, NZ July 16, 2015

"Since I started taking this product I have had far less severe hot flushes, especially at night. I have tried other products felt no effects. This one actually works!"

Michelle Bayley Christchurch, NZ July 16, 2015

"All I can say is thanks! And that's from me and my husband ;)"

Rachel Simmons Auckland, NZ July 16, 2015

"This product has kept me going. Menopause is a difficult phase in a woman's life, both physically and emotionally. Remifemin and Sleep have seriously helped me in both areas."

Jannette G Whangeri, NZ July 16, 2015

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